Streaky Bay

Building Bricks & Blocks Streaky Bay

$21 each
Breeze Blocks - Ivory

Breeze Blocks

Our APC Exclusive Breeze Blocks are durable, long-lasting and incredibly versatile, making them perfect for fences, feature walls, and screen walls.
Coloured Easy Lock Block - DIY Wall Blocks - Mist Exposed

Coloured Easy Lock Block

Our APC Exclusive Coloured Easy Lock Block is designed to make your retaining wall project a breeze. Build a retaining wall with these lightweight blocks.
Common Brick

Common Brick

The Common Brick concrete block can be used for a range of applications including brick walls, retaining walls, garden walls, carparks and shed walls.
Bespoke Bricks Exposed - Ash Eco

Exposed Bespoke Bricks

Exposed Bespoke Bricks are available in a range of stylish colours and have a unique surface that softly glistens in the light.
Exposed Premium Bricks - Eco Ebony Exposed with Black Mortar

Exposed Premium Bricks

Exposed Premium Bricks are made from natural sand and recycled glass aggregates, creating a unique texture that is both visually appealing and tactile.
Grey Full Block 390 x 190 x 190mm

Grey Block

The Grey Block is a concrete masonry building block that is suitable for a variety of building and landscaping projects. Find out more today!
$5.95 each
Grey Easy Lock Block | Retaining Wall

Grey Easy Lock Block

Our APC Exclusive Grey Easy Lock Block is an interlocking system allowing blocks to easily stack, ensuring a quick and easy construction and great for DIY
Honed Block

Honed Block

Honed Blocks have strength, durability and ease of construction, so these blocks can be used for commercial and residential use.
Bespoke Bricks - Refined Finish Eco Ebony

Refined Bespoke Bricks

Refined Bespoke Bricks are available in a range of stylish colours and have a unique surface that softly glistens in the light.
Refined Premium Bricks Pure White

Refined Premium Bricks

Refined Premium Bricks not only adds depth and character to your walls but also offers a warm and inviting ambience to your home.
Sandhurst Stone - Charcoal

Sandhurst Stone

Sandhurst Stone concrete blocks are suitable for DIY projects at home as well as commercial walls. Visit us instore or get an online quote today.
Shotblast Block - Designer Block

Shotblast Block

The Shotblast Block are known for their strength and durability, so these blocks are suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Get an instant FREE quote from us or visit us today!
Bespoke Bricks Smooth - Whisper White Ec

Smooth Bespoke Bricks

Smooth Bespoke Bricks are available in a range of stylish colours and have a unique surface that softly glistens in the light.
Smooth Premium Bricks - Eco Ebony

Smooth Premium Bricks

Smooth Premium Bricks are available in a range of stylish colours and have a unique surface that softly glistens in the light.
Versaloc Building Blocks


Versaloc® blocks easily stack on top of each other, ensuring quick and easy construction. Suitable for retaining walls, garden walls, sheds and more.
Versasmooth Raised Garden Wall Blocks - Oatmeal 400 x 200 Blocks - Watson’s Landscaping


Versasmooth™ has a smooth block face which in guaranteed to enhance your garden by adding form and texture. Find out more today!

FAQ about Building Bricks & Blocks

A quality brick where you know the place of manufacture is best. Look for bricks that are a premium quality and high strength. Our range of building bricks are all high quality, premium made products. Shop our range here.

Building bricks are generally cheaper than blocks. People generally look at the costs of bricks vs blocks, however if there other factors to consider such as strength, weight, functionality and aesthetics.

The big grey blocks can be called, ‘Grey Blocks’ or ‘Besser Blocks’ or ‘Masonry Blocks’. They are good for creating walls and have hollow centres for filling with aggregate. They are an economical and versatile concrete block that are load bearing and can be painted or rendered. Shop our Grey Block here.

Both brick walls and blocks walls are strong. Some blocks can be more economical that bricks. Concrete blocks are versatile and durable and bricks can have a better asethetic appeal. Typically, a grey block wall could be cheaper than a brick wall.

APC Has you covered for Building Bricks & Blocks in Streaky Bay

Discover top-quality Building Bricks & Blocks at Australian Paving Centre Streaky Bay, your ultimate destination for premium construction materials. Our extensive range includes house bricks, concrete blocks, and designer blocks, all crafted to elevate the strength and durability of your residential or commercial project.

Choose from a variety of colours, textures, and sizes to customise the exterior of your home according to your unique style. Whether you’re constructing a traditional or modern space, we have the perfect bricks and blocks to complement your vision.

Concerned about making the right choice? We’ve got you covered! Schedule a complimentary in-store consultation with our experts, who will guide you in selecting the ideal building bricks and blocks for your project.

APC also offer free samples so you can touch, feel, and see the quality of our products before making your final selection. Visit your local store and pickup your free sample today.

Australian Paving Centre Streaky Bay is your source for Building Bricks & Blocks in Streaky Bay. Australian Paving Centre Streaky Bay services the Western Eyre Peninsula region including Kimba, Wudinna, Poochera, Elliston, Ceduna & Smoky Bay.